Monday, 16 November 2015

Hadoop online training

Online Trainings USA is offering the Big data hadoop online training with experieced professionals on Hadoop. Our institutes has been serving for long time on hadoop making normal persons as a Big data hadoop experts.  We are giving job oriented training. Many learners completed trainin at us are working in a good MNC companies with affordable salaries. In future many hadoop experts are required according to one estimation. We desined material with our experts and we will make the subject videos also available.Our institute is best one compared to others and we will give certificate also after complertion of course. We will give job placement assistance also. Our institute, Online Trainings USA is offering this hadoop training at affordable fee only.

Some important interview questions on Hadoop

  •   What is Mapper does?
  •  How many daemon processes run on a Hadoop cluster?
  • What is InputSplit in Hadoop?
  • What is the InputFormat?
  • What if job tracker machine is down?

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